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History of the County Water District of Billings Heights

The County Water District of Billings Heights (“District”) was formed by mail ballot election–voted by the residents and landowners within the designated boundaries of the District located in Billings, Montana and duly conducted in accordance with MCA §7-13-2208(2)–on August 26, 1958. A Certificate of Incorporation for the District was thereafter issued by the Montana Secretary of State on August 29, 1958. The governing body of the District is the Board of Directors. The District Board meets every second Wednesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at the District office and the meetings are open to the public. Their original intent was to supply the Billings Heights residents and businesses with an adequate and safe supply of potable water. By 1963 construction began on the original water supply infrastructure to serve the District and it continues to grow to this day. The District operates and maintains over 140 miles of distribution pipe and more than 5800 service connections.  The District operates two 2 million gallon reservoirs, a 4 million gallon reservoir and seven pump stations to meet the Districts water demands. The District purchases all of the water supplied within the District from the City of Billings. The District is proud to keep our commitment of service and safe drinking water to the residents and businesses within the Heights Water District service area.